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It is frequent for speakers of Creole, when writing, to join different grammatical classes.
Le montant de la mensualité s'élève à la hauteur du 10ème du montant de l'impôt annuel de l'année précédente (vous payez en 2018 l'impôt calculé sur les revenus de l'année 2016.
The spreading of Cape Verdean Creole within the code promo livraison showroom islands was done in three phases: 7 promo couches intermarché In a first phase, the island of Santiago was occupied (2nd half of the 15th century followed by Fogo (end of the 16th century).Úm vêz, tâ cumêda tchêu mídju.Ex.: cáru /kau/ instead of cárru /kau/ car, féru /fu/ instead of férru /fu/ iron, curâl /kul/ instead of currál /kual/ corral.If so, Creole would become a pluricentric language There exists no complete translation of the Bible.They have bitten themselves.The sounds /s/ and /z/ are palatalized to and when they are at the end of syllables.Ex.: Êl stâ trísti.
Designatives edit Creole possesses a special grammatical category for presenting or announcing something.
The sound k will be represented in an etymological way ( c when in Portuguese is c, qu when in Portuguese is qu ) instead of alupec always.
The form for the past is formed from the infinitive to which is joined the particle for the past.
Never nobody didnt go there.).
El kt Êl cantá.E kãt Êl cantâ."Nunca ninguém foi lá triple negation is a little bit uncommon.S t kãt M tâ tâ cantâ.The form for the present is made with the infinitive to which is joined the particle.