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Chic time bon reduction

(souhait pour le repas) enjoy!
Bon (agréable au goût) ( food ) good tasty, ce dessert est très bon.
Because that is something I did, too.
About eight years after the operation, I went back to the same surgeon to see if he could excise the scar tissue.Bon (ce qui est agréable) good good things Il y a aussi du bon dans la vie.At the age of 17, Simona decided that nothing would stand in the way of her ambition to make it to the top in tennis.Total produits TTC, frais de port TTC À définir, total TTC, continuer mes achats.Tired of her game being hindered by what one blogger rather patronisingly described as those funbags, she underwent breast reduction surgery two years ago to reduce her measurements from code promo direct volley a 34DD to a 34C.They are good workers.Avoir bon pied, bon œil be hale and hearty be as fit as a fiddle avoir du bon (ne pas être complètement négatif) not be all bad, not be all that bad Note : construction impersonelle Ce licenciement a du bon finalement : je vais.Avoir bon espoir de faire qch (être optimiste quant à qch) have high hopes of doing sth Mon fils a bon espoir de remporter la compétition.Breast reduction boosted my career but didn't bring me happiness 117, view comments, would a woman mutilate herself, slice off the most intimate, tender part of her body, for the sake of her career?
Avoir un bon coup de pédale familier (vélo : pédaler vite) be a good cyclist avoir un bon coup de pinceau (savoir dessiner) be good at art À 10 ans, cet artiste avait déjà un bon coup de pinceau.
The teacher gives out stars for good work and gold stars for the best work.
( colloquial ) For God's sake!
(demande d'aumône) ( begging ) Spare some change?, Can you spare some change?If you want some fun, I know a good place for that.LIZ jones tunes in as Strictly's naughty couple face the music 13/10/18, lIZ jones: Spend four days at the Conservative conference and you realise - young Tories DO exist, and they love Theresa not BoJo 06/10/18.Get out of the way, for God's sake!What, you mean you havent let a man see you since the op, which was when you were turning 30?Despite the aforementioned too-small bra and a baggy oversized sweater and a mans overcoat from Paul Smith, I could not hide my cleavage.