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Exterior accessible routes may include parking access aisles, curb ramps, crosswalks at vehicular ways, walks, ramps and lifts.
Several structures housing a number of tenants, such as retail stores, drinking and dining establishments, entertainment and amusement facilities, offices, and other similar uses, wherein two or more tenants have a main entrance into one or more open malls.
A system providing 21/2-inch (64 mm) hose connections to supply water for use by fire departments and those trained in handling heavy fire streams.
A sleeping or housing unit in a detention or correctional facility for the confinement of not more than two inmates or prisoners.Any combination of a fire door, frame, hardware and other accessories that together provide a specific degree of fire protection to the opening.The term strength design is used in the design of concrete and masonry structural elements.A gas that can support and accelerate combustion of other materials more than air does.A hearth and fire chamber or similar prepared place in which a fire may be made and which is built in conjunction with a chimney.The keeping, retention or leaving of hazardous materials in closed containers, tanks, cylinders, or similar vessels; or vessels supplying operations through closed connections to the vessel.This definition of Basement is limited in application to the provisions of Section 1612.DSA-AC An element composed of displayed textual, verbal, symbolic, tactile, and/or pictorial information.
A space in a building for living, sleeping, eating or cooking.
A crosswalk or other identified path intended for pedestrian use in crossing a vehicular way.
Perlite aggregate is produced from a volcanic rock which, when heated, expands to form a glass-like material of cellular structure.
The system is usually activated by heat from a fire and discharges water over the fire area.
A device that has a series of steps between 50 and 70 degrees (0.87 and.22 rad) from horizontal, usually attached to a center support rail in an alternating manner so that the user does not have both feet on the same level at the.
DSA-AC A continuous passage on which a motorized golf car can operate.Commercial facilities DSA-AC Facilities whose operations will affect commerce and are intended for nonresidential use by a private entity.Areas vulnerable to hurricanes defined as: code promo auditorium lyon The.Ground level play component.A special system discharging a foam made from concentrates, either mechanically or chemically, over the area to be protected.Corridors, toilet rooms, kitchenettes and break rooms are not employee work areas.DSA-AC A sloped surface designed for launching and retrieving trailered boats and other water craft to and from a body of water.Occupants of such a structure do not occupy the pressurized area used to support the structure.The aggregate area of a tier within a housing pod shall not be greater than one-third of the floor area of that pod when supported by non-rated construction, and shall be no greater than two-thirds of the floor area of the pod when the tier.DSA-AC Unobstructed.DSA-AC HCD 1-AC The minimum faire un cadeau fete des peres unobstructed floor or ground space required to accommodate a single, stationary wheelchair and occupant.Such an explosive will normally cause severe structural damage to adjacent objects.A fibrous-felted, homogeneous panel made from lignocellulosic fibers consolidated under heat and pressure in a hot press to a density not less than 31 pcf (497 kg/m3).

BS foundation pier (for Chapter 21).