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Comment gagner des riots points

The protesters were rioting in the street.
And when the case is just a case, that is fine.
But, for situations where the case constitutes a continuation of the artwork, has factory applied stickers, OBI strips, or gagner casque beats otherwise contributes to the look of the release, this can be added as the primary image.
Also, you must NOT edit images back and forth as happened here.Take the high road and leave it alone until there is a resolution, please!And in cases like this, where there is not a guideline on it, no one is "right".That is pointless, and a quick way to get on the CIP or even blocked from editing the database.Imho, the image can be added, but the booklet image should be the primary.How does that seem to you?
So, for CDs, cassettes, and other items that are packaged in a plastic case, the preference is for the main image to be of the artwork (booklet front cover, cassette J card etc) to be scanned / phtographed without the case.
Right, so I am just going to make some statements here about this example.
Starting, or likely to start, a riot.
Hi folks, First up, for goodness sake, please keep discussions *friendly!
We have to accept that there will be different opinions and points of view.
It seems that the majority prefer cassettes, CDs etc to have their artwork photographed / scanned outside of the case.
There is no need to get at each others throats about matters such as this.However, for situations where there is continuation of color only (for example, bons de reductions a imprimer always for clear CD cases we need to decide which way.Very active, noisy and cheerful.This is due to it being clearer and cleaner out of the box imho.The protest march developed into a riot.Loans lenders only uk/url term loan/url urlhttp www.Dollvalley push forward your personal view er, isn t that exactly what you are doing here?Funny how nobody cares to actually reply to my points.Slang An irresistibly funny person or thing: Isn t she a riot?( fig ) ( wild success ) exitazo m it was a riot!Fue divertidísimo!, fue la monda!He s a riot.T h er e his health suffered seriously.And he died at Wes tmins ter.

" - Papa, moi aussi je peux acheter un ticket de truc qu'on gratte et qui fait gagner de l'argent si on a de la chance?