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Concentric reduction

Sanogeneticsignificant muscle relaxation it is increasing length of the muscle, and direction of its eccentricreduction (tension) coincides with the direction of their removing of borders sanogenetic significant of the region.
Gipoexcitability of relaxed muscle it is disturbance of its tone-forced characteristics as a result excitability reduced.
To test-drive the actuator, simply connect a power source of up to 12 V to the motor leads.
Reversing the applied voltage will reverse the direction of motion.Static reeducation it is recovery of postural activity of relaxed muscle with the help of special exercises.Levorotatory spiraling movement it is spiraling movement of the body, wherein rotation of its points to the right are accompanied by cranial displacement; rotation to the left by caudal.The dynamic problem it is perform of complex of hard movements through formation optimaldynamic stereotype. .All aluminum frame and extension tube.Visual criteria:performance of movements in the desired direction by moving force of gravity of the body or power of reduction of the pelvic girdle and thighs at his hands.The pathogenic significance of muscle relaxation it is increasing of length of the muscle and direction of its eccentric reduction (tension) coincide with retire of themselves of borders in the pathogenic significance of the region.Visual criteria: retire of themselves of insertions in the middle positions of patients body.Pathobiomechanical changes it is fixation of elements of musculoskeletal system at one of stages of biomechanicalservomechanism of vertebralmotion segments, regions of spine and extremities and statistic at all.
According to the plane of rotation it formed by combination: flexion/extensionswith lateraldisplacement, lateroflexion (left and right) with the ventral / dorsal displacement, rotation (left and right) with the caudal-cranial displacement.
Instructions for doing this can be found in the analog feedback section of the Jrk G2 Users Guide.
As a results all above listened changes of biomechanics become pathogenic reaction causing neurologicaldisorganization.
An economic and space saving way to combine a reducing pipe fitting with an expansion joint.
Function blockspinal motion segment it is fixation of its biomechanics servomechanism at one stage of transition one spiral movement to another.
Musculoskeletal system is set ofregions ofthe spine, extremities and pelvis designed to perform static anddynamic problems ofthe body.
Reeducation (reeducation retraining) it is restore the ability of relaxed muscles to perform static and dynamic loads with the help of special exercises.Contracted muscle it is predominantlyposturalmuscle that do not reach its normal size at rest (placeof its attachment areapproach each other and move away from middle position transversesize is increased, tone frequently increases.However, to ensure you can control your actuator across its full stroke, you should recalibrate the feedback.Retracted length:.68.5 cm (from mounting hole to mounting hole).The worm drive ensures that the shaft will hold its position even when unpowered and subjected reduction la maison du monde to static loads up to 250 kgf 550 lbs or 2500.The pathobiomechanicalchanges of thedynamic stereotype Non-optimal motor stereotype it is disturbance of movement regulation as a result of congenital deficiency of central coordinate structures, disturbance to adaptation to the changing conditions of life, disturbance of afferentsignalingfrom the periphery.Noise level: 70 dB, mounting hole diameter: 1/4.4 mm, working temperature: -13F -25C to 149F 65C.Visual criteria: angularorlinear displacement ofthe spine that do not connect to localization and diction of the functional blocks of neighboring spinal motion segments.Antitaking (gegenhalter) - it is a treatment manual method, aimed at keeping the downstream blocked vertebra spinal motion segment from movement.Maintaining (mitnehmer) it is a treatment manual method aimed at involving upstream blocked vertebra spinal motion segment in movement without fixing downstream.The settings in these files should work fairly well with any length Glideforce light-duty actuator that has a feedback potentiometer (model lactx P -12V).The pathogenic significance of the shortened muscle hyperexcitability it is inclusion of shortened muscle in some motor patterns, performing different (in courses) movement tasks, suppressing normal activity of its muscles agonists.Sanogenetic significant shortened muscle hyperexcitability it is inclusion of shortened muscle in simple movement act earlier than normal and concentrictype ofreduction; it compensates dynamicinconsistencyagonistsof motorpatterns that are designed for performance of this problem.

Pathogenicchanges in biomechanics it is long-existingfunctionalblocks that support hypoafferentation ofpropriointero-exteroceptors, disturbance of tonicity power balance between shortened andrelaxedmuscles, that supporting the fall of the patients body in a statistic, disturbance of excitatory processes between hypo excitability and muscle hyperexcitability, that supports the formation.
Musculoskeletal system is collection ofbony(musculoskeletal muscle (postural tonicity-force balance of antagonist muscles in different regions of spine and extremities ligament (ligament balance of the visceral organs, capsular ligaments, joints of the spine and extremities) and membrane (balance within the vertebral and intracranial membranes) systems.