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How does rabies affect dogs

Each such license may be renewed from year to year by the town clerk upon application of such owner or keeper.
(2) re requirement for commercial kennels to include license number in advertisements and make technical changes;.A.
No such refund or replacement shall be made if such illness or death resulted from maltreatment or neglect by a person other than the licensee or such licensee's agent or employee.
Douglas Gender: male Size: medium - weighs in the 28 pound range. .(a) A person who owns, obtains or possesses a dog or cat within the State of West Virginia shall have the dog or cat properly vaccinated against rabies with a vaccine capable of producing immunity for three years, boostered one year after initial vaccination code reduction gotronic and.Any person, firm or corporation violating the provisions of this subsection or bringing any dog or cat into dubai to manila promo fare 2017 this state from an area under quarantine for rabies shall be fined not more than one thousand dollars.Please use the appropriate form for human exposure.1; June.Kennels AND PET shops *Cited.The owner of the dog will receive a copy of the rabies vaccination certificate legibly signed by the veterinarian.92-147 deleted former Subsec.Registration; vaccination certificate required.
New addition to the law: delaware Rabies Bill SB 236 passed 6/30/12 with insertion of underlined language in the bill text below to prevent veterinarians from issuing 1 or 2 year rabies certificates when a 3 year vaccine is administered.
3383; 1953, 1955,.
At the reexamination, the dog or cat shall either be vaccinated against rabies or, if exemption status still applies, a new certificate of exemption shall be issued.
(c) by requiring owner to pay all fees set forth in Sec.91-59 replaced reference to local dog warden with reference to municipal animal control officer;.A.11-80, Commissioner of Environmental Protection was changed editorially by the Revisors to Commissioner of Energy and Environmental Protection in Subsec.Use of license fees.While all warm-blooded animals can contract and transmit rabies, some animals are very low risk.95-358 added law enforcement officers to list of officials authorized to act under this section;.A.Euthanasia and examination of potentially rabid animals.Box 118, Columbus, Ohio, telephone number (614) 466-0283.

(b) The State Veterinarian or the Commissioner of Agriculture, or the commissioner's designee, may grant an exemption from vaccination against rabies for a dog or cat if a licensed veterinarian has examined such animal and determined that a rabies vaccination would endanger the animal's life.
Good with cats: yes Good with children: unchecked. .