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How long can a cat live if it has rabies

A veterinarian will administer intravenous or subcutaneous fluids, and run additional tests, if necessary, to determine the underlying cause of the condition.
Idiopathic hepatic lipidosis occurs when a cat stops eating for no apparent reason.
If you notice he is drinking more or less than usual, make an appointment to have a check-up with your veterinarian.
In general, an adult cat should drink roughly the same amount of water (in milliliters) as the number of kilocalories eaten per day.Cats that are kept exclusively indoors should live a longer life.Cats typically succumb to the disease after two to 10 days without food.If he is lacking in fluids, the lifted skin may not quickly return to normal.Often, however, the signs of dehydration are not as obvious, and only a veterinarian can provide proper diagnosis and treatment.This is due to either reduced water intake or increased fluid loss.To make sure your cat lives as long as possible: Visit the vet on a regular basis.
Cats most at risk for dehydration are those who suffer from various illnesses such as kidney disorders, cancer and hyperthyroidism.
Depression, elevated heart rate, decreased skin elasticity, panting.
Outdoor Cats Life Span, outdoor cats and feral cats that live without owners have shorter lives than domesticated cats.
Provide clean water for your cat at all times, and change it frequently to ensure freshness.
As your cat consumes more calories and produces more metabolic waste, he needs more water to maintain his body temperature.
These are only guidelines and each cats development may differ according to diet, exercise and hereditary factors.A cat may reach the age of 21, if he doesnt have any medical conditions and has a proper diet.Some cats prefer certain bowls, while others like either tap or bottled water.The following cat years count each as 4 human years.Secondary hepatic lipidosis is caused by a pre-existing disease or condition such as diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, pancreatitis or cholangiohepatitis.You can determine your cats age in human years according to the following criteria: The first cat year is the equivalent of 15 human years.Sunken eyes, lethargy, loss of appetite, dry mouth.You may be able to detect dehydration at home by gently lifting the skin on the back of your cats neck or between the shoulder blades-unless your cat is seriously overweight or very thin, his skin should immediately return to a normal position.Four to five days of not eating and especially drinking is a very serious problem in a 15 year old cat.Your vet can check some blood work on her if you would like to have that checked to find out what disorder is causing the lack of appetite and drinking.A cat that isn't eating can't replace the proteins it's using, which causes fat to build up in the liver.Cats who eat only dry food dont get as much water from their food as those who eat canned food, and should always have easy access to clean, drinking water to supplement their intake.Dehydration is an imbalance of water and electrolytes (minerals) in the body, and can cause serious complications for pets and people alike.