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Rub Helping a less popular wrestler get over by associating them with a more prominent or popular wrestler.
1 hardcore wrestling Main article: Hardcore wrestling Also garbage wrestling.1 This term was coined by Arn Anderson, whose nickname was "The Enforcer"."The Jargon of Professional Wrestling".CrimeCon Informants 2018 Event Recap, when CrimeCon 2017 wrapped up in Indianapolis last year, many of you tweeted to ask me How will they ever top this?Carry The act of one wrestler guiding a typically less experienced or skilled performer through a match.Abort, to suddenly discontinue a feud, angle, or gimmick due to a lack of fan interest, usually without explanation.This sub term is called a "product mark" (e.g.
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Vacant The state of a championship not held by any wrestlers.
A match between two large men who use plenty of stiff strikes is sometimes known as a "hossfest".
In modern times, a carpenter is also used when a company is preparing to present a recent signee who may not be familiar to the audience, in an effort to help the wrestler best showcase their abilities.
Program A series of matches in which the same wrestlers face each other, usually due to the two being scripted in a feud.
1 money mark Someone who founds or invests in a wrestling promotion mainly to associate with wrestlers, often willfully or ignorantly disregarding financial risks a profit-focused investor would avoid.Hoss A wrestler who is physically large, but lacks other skills.A reigning champion's right to retain a title, should he or she lose a championship match by countout or disqualification.I loved it and will remember it forever.(verb voyage a rabais granby To methodically attack a single body part, setting up an appropriate finisher.Repackage To give a wrestler a new gimmick.5 angle A fictional storyline.The major matches between well-known opponents are said to be "top of the card" or the main event and generally go on last, while the preliminary matches between lesser-known opponents are said to be the "undercard".Sometimes, wrestlers can hail from other similarly abstract places, for code promo air france radin example Stardust being billed from "the fifth dimension" or Damien Demento being billed from "the outer reaches of your mind or may have their location simply omitted from introductions, such as in the cases.Satoru Sayama and Akira Maeda in the UWF and Nobuhiko Takada in the UWFi popularized the style.

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"The Luchagors Drop a Powerbomb".
Philly pop The act of a promotion bringing in a former Extreme Championship Wrestling wrestler when in Philadelphia.