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Rab pullover down jacket

rab pullover down jacket

This has become one of my very favorite 100g jacketseven cadeau a prix discount though it is only 80g weight insulation.
All offer more than 100g insulation.It's sleek and comfortable, but it may break down after the a few years of loving use. The Therma Wrap Pro is 80g though out.In addition to its packability, the Generator is also super light, so bringing it with you for those long belays is easily justified.The second jacket tested this year, Sierra Designs Flex Down Jacket, is a different type of puffy beast.Not the first or the last with that or other combos.Same issues with Patagonia for fit and pattern on me for this one.There are no bad 100g jackets listed here but the AG is a step above all the ones I looked at in this revirew.For its 80g weight it seems warmer to me than the Atom SV @ 100g by comparison.The hand-warming pockets, sans zippers, made warming icy fingers a simple matter, yet a zipper was there where I needed iton the breast pocket, keeping safe that crumpled topo and last hit.Get down wet from sweat and you loose much of the insulation.
RAB: The jackets from RAB that I looked at are the Xenon @ 60g through out and the Alpine Generator with 100g in the body and 60g in the arms and hood.
Specific combos of lighter weight insulation offer even more choices.
But I have not seen Clo numbers to prove me right or wrong.
My wool mid-layer shirt would become coated with fine feathers and down fibers after a couple hours, necessitating the use of a de-linter roller at home to revive the shirt and make it presentable again.
Half of those trips included the summit on Denali.What do I need for clothes?They are puffys of different types, though both equally cozy in the snow.I had stared the climb in a single 60g layer and as the day got colder I added layers.For an active layer (your action suit main upper layer in cold weatehr) where you also need some extra warmth I think the idea is brilliant.One of the reasons the, patagonia DAS @ 170g is likely the most widely used synthetic belay jacket made.One garment with 60g insulation (part of your action suit) and the another with 100g insulation.Arcteryx Atom LT in use @ -25C When you you start thinking about using that 2nd layer for additional warmth youll want to notice a couple of things prior to purchase.Nor was it addressed by me originally.Where a layer of Priamloft 1 does that very effectively.It has a Pertex QuantumGL 10 Denier shell fabric inside and out.

There are some pretty amazing synthetic stand alone jackets available these days, the.