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Zombicide black plague promos

Someone in the MD Kickstarter comments said cmon is doing Black Plague Season 2 before the next modern Zcide one, but I never verified.
They do plan to release a plastic dashboard for the classic zombicide, as you can see in this video, around 9:00 m/watch?
Reply With", 06:17 PM #17 drunk history christmas promo Originally Posted by IdleHacker Someone in the MD Kickstarter comments said cmon is doing Black Plague Season 2 before the next modern Zcide one, but I never verified.
Ml Has anyone printed these out on cardstock?Reply With", 01:19 PM #14 I have printed them out and I just used double carte cadeau spectacle leclerc side photo paper because of its thickness and how nice they looked printed on it but you could use glossy photo paper.I've been thinking this exact same thing since I played Black Plague.Reply With", 12:50 PM #9, originally Posted by thechamp1125, just go here and downloaded the print the survivors cards to use with the black plague dashboards.We came to the conclusion that it would be nice if cmon did an expansion pack with all the characters from the first 3 games designed in the way that the ones in Black Plague are, and then include the new dashboards with them.Reply With", 02:40 PM #12 Originally Posted by Withers They did reveal they have future plans for modern day zombicide though, so the new season may offer an optional buy for them.
Reply With", 01:07 PM #2, i agree.
The lack of plastic dashboards is keeping a friend from buying the original game.
Cmon, make that happen!
I'm trying to make these are professional looking as possible.
Also I cut them out with a Paper trimmer and a used a corner punch to round the edges.
Reply With", 10:59 AM #5, wow, I've been playing this one wrong.
VqIn-fUY7Nws, reply With", 01:01 PM #10 Thank you for the link to the video.I was talking with a local store owner the other day.Yeah, That is what I am waiting for ) let's hope that the next Cmon kickstarter will be modern zombicide related.The new components are fantastic!I don't believe they have any plans to make updated dashboards for Zombicide seasons 1-3.Both in Black Plague and in Original.The only thing missing is search tokens to mark rooms that have been searched.Reply With", 06:53 PM #6, oh man, I would love this so much if you released nice plastic dashboards for original Zombicide, with a set of survivor cards to match.I'd also be interested to see if they intend the small rule changes in Black Plague to be universal to the Zombicide series, or if they are unique to the medieval setting.Reply With", 12:47 PM #7, yeah!Originally Posted by, grim6, yes!I would seriously buy a 12-pack.I would love to see a cmon's Zombicide KS for a Zombicide Season 1 Deluxe edition, with the new dashboards and some refined/rebalanced missions.